Sectors of activity

Eletec 2000 spreads its engineering activities all over the electrical engineering fields: from energy production up to energy utilization, through transmission and distribution systems our technicians can design modern electric systems, with special regard to environmental-related aspects such as usage of renewable sources and energy efficiency improvement.

Energy production

Thanks to a well established experience with major players of the electric energy production sector, which traditionally requires to involved technicians strong technical competences and reliability, the company is able to supply the following services:

-system analysis (load-flow, transient stability, harmonic analysis, primary grounding);
-basic and detailed engineering (single/multi/functional diagrams, I/O list, cable and interconnection lists, equipment layout, technical specification of equipment and systems);
-protection system engineering: equipment specification, coordination analysis, tripping matrices and setting tables;

Recently the company has even developed significant experiences in designing microgrids, required to operate both in on-grid and off-grid mode, in strict cooperation with University of Genova (Italy) and R&D units of important players of the market.

Industry and tertiary

In industry and tertiary sectors the offered services are basically related to electrical and auxiliary systems design in different application areas, such as:
- hospitals;
- oil refineries and oil transfer plants
- steel production / treatment plants
- commercial buildings

In such application areas the company is able to supply, in addition to the traditional design activities and thanks to the cooperation with skilled professionals;
- lighting design
- lightning risk analysis
- hazardous area classification (ATEX)


The company has been involved in electric systems design of road infrastructures since a long time, therefore in such a sector we are able to supply the following services:
- electric and special systems design in road tunnels;
- lighting design in road tunnels and urban environement (street lighting)

As for street lighting the company is also able to supply feasibility studies aimed at evaluating possible savings due to lighting sources replacement and/or lighting dimming systems installation.


Thanks to the constant attention played to the internal training of its resources and to the strict cooperation with the universitity, the company is also able to supply training to the customers, with special regard to electrical sytems design and protection systems design.

Protection systems design training sessions are carried out using test-benches equipped with protection relays owned by the society.


Commissioning of protection and synchronizing systems is a very important sector for the company: the service is offered in areas of energy production / transmission / distribution / usage and it is considered a fundamental step forward in the training of internal resources that contibuted to the design of the system under commissioning.

The services are offered using instruments owned by the company and are basically formed by:
-primary injection tests on HV/MV/LV systems;
-protection relays configuration;
-secondary injection tests;
-functional tests and communication tests from/to supervision and control systems (IEC61850 and traditional protocols);
-real tests.