Quality Policy

ELETEC 2000 S.r.L. has adopted and developed the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Bureau Veritas certifies that the Management system of the organization has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the management system standards of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Scope of certification: Technological systems design, electrical systems technical analysis and consultancy, tests and verification of electrical system.

Attention focused on the client

ELETEC 2000 S.r.l. proposes itself on the market as supplier of engineering services in highly specialized electrical sectors, ensuring the full compliance to the requirements defined by customers, partecipating even proactively to their definition if required and planning its activities, in order to fulfil reach customer satisfaction at the best.

Compliance with the requirements

EELETEC 2000 S.r.l. operates in compliance with the design requirements, which are:
-functional, defined by the customers;
-related to the technological sector, in order to comply rules,regulations and standards;
-related to the country where it operates, fulfilling laws and rules;

Process approach

ELETEC 2000 S.r.l. identifies the activities of its organization as planned, controlled and improved processes and strongly supports all the resources for their implementation. ELETEC 2000 S.r.l. controls its processes in order to ensure a full comprehension of:
-the focuses and the expected results
-the related responsabilities and the resources used to this end;


ELETEC 2000 S.r.l. is aware that the full involvement of the human resources is a primary strategic issue: therefore it promotes the development of internal professionalities and the careful selection of external consultant. The importance of the Quality System is shared with all the interested parties by involving, organizing and supporting them.


mprovement of the performance level of the Quality Management System is one of the main goals of Eletec 2000 S.r.l. Internal and external audits and the management review are useful to let the Society effectively achieve high quality levels. To that end Quality objectives are defined and checked during periodical management reviews in order to ensure their adequacy and efficiency.